Gamespot UK Review

Posted on March 27, 2001

One thing is certain: Black & White is huge. It looks and sounds stunning, and its combination of gameplay elements and game mechanics is completely unique. The game can be extremely open-ended and can be extremely funny, and the better your system, the better the game will look. Some of Black & White's game mechanics aren't as enjoyable as others, and some are even rather frustrating. Furthermore, the game has a rather steep learning curve, and though it's a real-time strategy game at its core, it lacks the action-packed pacing of many other games in that genre. Even so, a direct comparison between Black & White and any other game really isn't appropriate, because the fact is that no other PC game to date has so effectively combined so many seemingly incompatible elements into one highly polished game. Black & White will continuously surprise you, and it takes a miracle for a game like that.

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