Get YOUR achievement idea in Fable Anniversary!

Written by Chris

Posted on July 7, 2013


As any Xbox 360 completionist will attest, unlocking achievements for your favourite games is massively important.

Of course, any achievement should be fun, challenging and unique and it's our job to make sure that's the case with each and every one. Coming up with so many achievements is certainly no mean feat, but after countless hours of head scratching, coffee drinking, disapproving glares and nods of agreement; we've finally compiled a list of awesome achievements that we think Fable fans world wide will love!

As pleased as we are with the achievements we've already thought up, there still remains one final achievement which we're yet to come up with. And that, dear Chicken Chaser, is where you come in...

We'll be handing the creative baton to our community by asking YOU to dream up the most creative, challenging, fun and unique achievements possible. Once we've got your ideas, we'll sit down and shortlist our favourite 5 and, once again, hand the wand of decision making (previously known as the creative baton) back to you by asking you to vote for your favourite achievement.

Picture of the prizes!
The prizes! Note: you don't have to wear all of the badges on the t-shirt. But you should.

Not only will the achievement you vote for be included in Fable Anniversary, but the author's name will actually be included in our credits (awesome, right?!). The winner will also be given a free copy of Fable Anniversary when it becomes available, and all 5 of our finalists will each receive a Fable Anniversary T-shirt (by Insert Coin Clothing) and a batch of E3 badges.

To enter: Please read the rules below and post your entry on our forum in this thread using this template:

Achievement name: (No more than 32 characters - e.g 'Twinblade's Fried Chicken')
Achievement description: (No more than 100 characters - e.g 'Kick a chicken into Twinblade's camp fire')
(Optional): A suggested logo for the Achievement


- Entries must be no longer than 32 characters long (title), and 100 characters long (description)
- All entries must be posted on this forum thread before 11:59PM BST (GMT +1) on Sunday 14th July 2013
- All entries must focus on an action or actions which are possible in Fable / Fable: The Lost Chapters
- As always, please abide by our forum rules when posting!
- The winner of the contest will be decided by public vote during the week beginning 15/07/2013

For a comprehensive set of Terms & Conditions and to enter the contest, please visit our official contest forum thread!

Good luck Chicken Chasers!