Design an Achievement Competition - Vote now!

Written by Chris

Posted on July 15, 2013

It’s been a week since we launched the Fable Anniversary “Design an Achievement competition and we’ve been inundated with entries from Fable fans worldwide. Knowing our community as well as we do, we were confident we’d be blown away by the creativity, originality and humour on display, and we most certainly weren’t disappointed with almost 3,000 entries!

Before we go ahead and announce the finalists though, we must thank everyone who entered this competition. Deciding which entries should be considered finalists was a monumental task, and one made no easier by the quality of the suggestions we saw. You well and truly rock!

And so, after an enormous amount of contemplative beard stroking, head scratching and eyebrow raising, we’re finally ready to announce our five finalists (in no particular order!):


Jack of All Blades

Obtain every melee weapon in the game (excluding Avo’s Tear or the Sword of Aeons).

By LarryTheFish79

… Not as I do

As a boy, tell on the man for cheating on his wife. Later on, cheat on your own wife.

By UhrMahmuh


Filet Minion

Kill a minion with fire.

By StompingCoffee9



Pass gas on Whisper in the Crucible before deciding her fate

By williamDiZM


Are you not entertained!?

Complete all 8 rounds of the Arena without taking a break.

By Khaos Archangel

But which is the best achievement, and most importantly – which achievement do YOU want to unlock when you play Fable Anniversary at home? It’s now up to you, the collective Fable community, to decide which of our finalists will claim the top spot to have his or her suggestion immortalised in Fable Anniversary for eternity.

To vote: head over to our Facebook page where you’ll find the voting app!

Good luck to our finalists, Albion’s eyes are upon you…