Forum Digest 17/07/2013

Written by Chris

Posted on July 17, 2013

Welcome to this week's Forum Digest; your whistle stop tour of all things awesome on the Fable forums over the past week!

Threads from Lionhead

Fable Anniversary Design an Achievement - VOTE NOW!
Following nearly 3,000 entries to the Design an Achievement contest, we've picked our finalists and we're now asking you to vote for the winner!

Fable Anniversary at Comic-Con!
Team Fable Anniversary will be at Comic Con - find out more about the event and how you can get your hands on a shiny new forum medal!
Fan Creations

Your threads

Hardest Demon Door?

Monstrousness wants to know, what's the hardest Demon Door EVER?

Favourite location?
Man of multiple dimensions Dean 3D wants to find out which location from Fable TLC you're most looking forward to seeing in Anniversary!

Will, Skill or Strength?
We've all got a favourite and Retrolinkx wants to know what yours is! No, not ice cream flavours - Fable stats!

Fable Tattoos
Check out the level of dedication some of ours fans have in this thread all about Fable Tattoos by Skelebunny. Awesome.
Fan Creations

As always, don't forget you can let us know what threads you think should be included in our next forum digest by posting in this forum thread.