Design an Achievement Winner!

Written by Chris

Posted on July 19, 2013


Earlier this week we launched the ‘Design an Achievement’ competition poll on our Facebook page. The poll, which featured five hand-picked finalists from the first phase of the competition, saw an incredible response with almost 3,000 votes being cast to decide the community’s favourite suggestion.

Not only will the lucky winner have their idea made a reality in Fable Anniversary, but they’ll get their name in the credits, a free copy of the game at launch and the all-important Fable Anniversary T-shirt!

With the poll now officially closed and the votes counted by an independent adjudicator (Ted Timmins in a special hat), we can now announce the lucky winner of the competition.With 1,585 votes, the top prize goes to:


Proving that there’s nothing a Chicken Chaser loves more than a good ol’ fashioned bit of gladiatorial combat, Khaos Archangel’s achievement won the heart of Fable fans worldwide. (and you won’t even have to fight Jaoquin Phoenix!)

Let’s not forget the four awesome runners up, each of whom will be receiving a Fable Anniversary T-Shirt, along with a batch of E3 Fable Anniversary badges! As a reminder, here they are:

Achievements Runnersup

We hope you’ve enjoyed this one as much as we have, and we’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions on the outcome of the contest – so, head over to our official forum thread and get chatting!

Until next time…