Supermassive Games Night

Written by Katie

Posted on May 1, 2013

Aside from playing our own beloved games, we are all partial to the odd game of Halo and get our competitive streak on in FIFA. So to put our finger tapping and shooter skills to the test, we attended Supermassive Games, Games Night Challenge in Guildford.

FIFA Team - Semi Finals

FPS Team practicing in the Halo tournament

After much success the year before, Supermassive decided to host the event again this year and put the local studios to the test for an evening of serious gaming and of course, a little bit of fun. We couldn't turn down the opportunity of potentially taking home a prize and doing our bit for charity, so it was the perfect occasion for us to take on the likes of EA.

The event itself is in support of a new UK video games industry based charity, Games Aid. Games Aid distribute funds to a wide range of charities and was created so that the gaming industry can give something back. The charity events are a great way to not only bring studios together, but contribute towards making a difference by doing what we do best.

So with that in mind, the evening wasn't an attempt to destroy and conquer, but we did want to make sure we did our best to compete for some great prizes.

In the arena we put forward two teams to represent Lionhead in the FPS Tournaments. We are proud to announce that after winning all of our 6 Halo matches we were 15 seconds away from winning the Halo Final (against a Halo pro-gamer too!) We beat Supermassive and Testology in our group stages, then went on to lose to the European Gaming League in the final. Who'd have thought we nearly won against the pros though! It’s the taking part that counts ;-)


The moment that Testology lost in the FIFA final from a 120th minute penalty in extra time

On the pitch we got to the semi-final, which actually wasn’t too bad considering one of our members had only played a couple of times before. However, the biggest win of the whole night, was a 7-0 destruction of one of Creative Assembly’s teams. We salute you!

Lionhead FPS Team celebrating getting into the Halo final

Photography by Amrit Bajwa and Cédric Hauteville