Fable Heroes’ Birthday!

Written by Ted

Posted on May 2, 2013

On May 2nd 2012, we released our beloved little videogame, Fable Heroes, as part of the “Arcade Next” promotion for XBLA - (can you believe we were alongside Trials Evolution and Minecraft?!)

Made by a small team in just a few months, Fable Heroes came out of out Lionhead’s very first Creative Day in 2011. Our Creative Day’s give the entire studio the opportunity to stop work on our other games and head off to our local cinema to watch the wonders that everyone has created. Our 2012 Creative Day had some really exciting projects too; so perhaps we’ll be seeing more on those in the future :-)

Fable Heroes is our little game with the big heart and a game that we had a lot of fun making, so why shouldn’t the fun continue!

Keep an eye on our Twitter today for give-away codes with #HeroesBirthday. Some of our friends at Play XBLA and The Dead Hamster will be joining in the fun too – so make sure you give them a follow. There will also be a few of the team here at Lionhead online tonight having a play, and don’t forget that playing with a dev earns you a Lionhead Studios gamerpic.

Don't forget to send us your Fable fan art to Lionhead Fan Mail. We love to see them, so keep them coming!

Here are a couple of our favourites:




For a bit of fun and to help celebrate the occasion, here’s some Fable Heroes trivia for you…

- The in-game “Credits” level was made in a last-minute 48 hour all-nighter to get it into the game – we hope you liked it!

- If you look carefully on the World Map, you might notice the name of our Lead Artist carefully constructed out of letters…

- Did you play Fable Heroes on Halloween or Christmas last year? Don’t worry if you missed out, there’s always this year!

- Each member of the Fable Heroes dev team had a whistle, so whenever someone had something cool to show off – the whistle was blown and everyone would gather round their desk!

- Whenever a character is levelled up to maximum, they turn into a trophy on the world map – let us know in the comments if you collected them all!

- The Lionhead Logo intro for Fable Heroes was created by one of our Animators, also for Creative Day 2011!

- We spared no expense on the voice-acting in the game, who would have guessed the dev team would have such amazing vocal talent!

- A lot of the sound fx in the game were made using our own childhood toys as props!

- The inspiration to play as Hero Dolls came from the hero dolls found in Fable 1, Fable 2 and Fable 3!