Develop Awards 2013

Written by Katie

Posted on May 9, 2013


The nominees have been announced and we’re absolutely thrilled to hear that Lionhead Studios have been nominated for the Audio Accomplishment award for Fable: The Journey.

In order to achieve the most engaging and dramatic sound, Lionhead collaborated a truly world class group of audio professionals comprising of a 35+ team from both sides of the Atlantic. Teaming up once again with Microsoft Studios Central Media Audio Team in the US, Soundelux DMG and US Foley Team including Hollywood’s Foley artist of choice: Gary Hecker. For the 1st time we also forged a new partnership with British Film Sound talent at Pinewood Studios and the Foley artist Pete Burgis whose body of Foley work has cinematic greats such as The Harry Potter Films, Clash of the Titans to name a few. Foley for the cutscenes took 1.5 weeks to complete, with even more days for all the custom sound assets created on the Foley stage.

Craig, Steve, Erik and Russ

Each year Develop host one the biggest award nights celebrating game development excellence from companies around the world. Categories vary from best visual arts to best business development, giving all industry experts a chance to show off their flair be recognised for their gaming expertise. You can find the full list of Develop Awards categories and finalists here.

On July 10th we’ll be in the running against some of the finest European game development talent for our chance to snap up the prize for best Audio Accomplishment. The shortlist contains the likes of SCE’s London Studio and Far Cry creators Crytek for their audio projects created for Wonderbook: Book of Spells and Crysis 3.

The awards will be taking place at Brighton’s Hilton Metropole Hotel alongside the Develop Conference on July 30th and will see almost 100 different studios attend the event. Judging will be completed by a panel of 100 international industry experts all of which will decide the fate of eager developers wanting to grasp their reward for hard work and innovation.

We wish our Audio team the best of luck and hope to bring home another trophy for the cabinet.

Go team!

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