Well that’s another film we can ‘Chekov’ our list

Written by Katie

Posted on May 14, 2013

At Lionhead we like to embrace our inner (and outer) geek so what better way to do this than a trip to the cinema to see JJ Abrams’s latest masterpiece - Star Trek: Into Darkness.

As we piled onto the coach, the discussions immediately began about what choice of popcorn to buy and what the best seats would be to sit in, but the conversation never steered too far away from the idea of being out of the office in a school trip type affair. It’s been many years for some Lionhead staff since they’ve been on a coach in bulk, so to be taken out in such an event only added to our exciting venture. Inevitably a debate soon ensued surrounding Star Wars vs. Star Trek and who would win out of a fight between Spock and Han Solo; a dispute that still remains unsolved.

As we arrived, we grinned with excitement in anticipation of what could be one of the best movies of the year and of course, promptly sussed out the confectionery kiosk for some sweet treats. Sci-fi so good!

In true Trekkie style, some of the team managed to secure themselves some Star Trek badges only to the envy of those who weren’t so lucky, but no matter – we plunged into darkness and waited for the film to begin… (After about half an hour of trailers of course!)

After an immersive two hour screening with lots of stars (get it?) blasting their way through space, we were not disappointed with the Starship Enterprise’s latest mission. The film was riddled with Bond-style, villainous schemes deployed by Cumberbatch and of course the fantastic mise en scène transported you right into the action. Much like Fable, the story played on numerous morality-based themes, but no doubt provided a good balance of reckless explosions and gripping tension.

I’m sure the Lionhead team would all agree it was a spocktacular trip and the film was out of this world.