Lionhead take on Buckmore Park

Written by Katie

Posted on May 24, 2013

Take a cross-sectional slice through the demographic that is Lionhead Studios and in amongst the RPG, RTS and FPS fans you will find a group of individuals who are quite partial to a good old racer.

Unlike the aforementioned RPG, RTS and FPS fans, who’s pursuits are almost entirely of the virtual kind, what the racer fans love more than anything is to get behind the wheel and indulge in some white knuckle racing. So on Saturday, that’s exactly what they did!

With the support and backing of Lionhead’s social committee the motorsport enthusiasts amongst us were able to tempt out of the woodwork not just the racing fans, but a fair few drivers with little or no competitive racing experience.

On Saturday afternoon 5 teams of drivers from Lionhead descended on Buckmore Park Karting circuit, looking to make their mark on motorsport! In the picturesque Kentish woodland, Buckmore Park’s 1200m National Circuit is one of the country’s most notorious karting tracks and lays claim to being the former training ground for F1 Champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

The 3 hour long team endurance event, which acted as a qualifier for the Sodi World Series (an International Hire Kart Championship), had attracted a number of experienced teams as well as complete novices. Amongst the experienced teams were recent Sodi World Series finalists and a team currently ranked 1st in the UK (12th in the world). To add to this, the race director did his best to jovially unnerve the newbies during the drivers briefing before a total of 26 teams took to the track to do battle for grid positions in a 30 minute qualifier.

Lionhead’s teams, which varied in size between 3 and 4 drivers each, secured positions 12, 16, 17, 22 and 25 before lining up on the grid for the start of the race.
With an F1 style start the race began! For the next 3 hours the teams had to manage driver changes and a fuel stop, not to mention their nerve as they threw the kart into corners at speeds approaching 70mph.

With a personal ambition to make it into the top ten the team, “The Holy Trinity”, reached 8th place during the early stages. As the race played out we dropped position to some teams on strategies with fewer driver changes. Then, a late drive through penalty awarded for a string of minor contact offences saw us finish in the race in 12th, (where we had started).

Further down the field some of the closest racing amongst the Lionhead teams occurred between “The Carter Karters” and “Furorri” who finished in 16th and 17th respectively and were separated by a margin of less than a few hundred metres.

Coming home in 22nd and 24th amongst the other 4 man teams, and perhaps with the biggest smiles of all the Lionhead drivers, were “Wacky Racers” and “Le Quattro Formaggi”.

Needless to say much fun was had by all. Bang for buck it’s hands down one of the most exciting adrenaline sports to take part in and not a single one of our drivers left the track without a grin that went from ear to ear.

You can find our laptimes here.

Lionhead Racers: Ted Timmins, Andrew Bushell, Luke Thatcher, Jan, Jorge Da Cruz Ramalhao, Tamás Rábel, David Berenguer, James Vale, James Bailey, Craig Oman