Fable Legends Blog

Written by Chris

Posted on January 7, 2014

Hallo again! I’m (still) Ben Brooks, Lead Content Designer on Fable Legends. You might remember me from such blogs as “that one I did a few weeks ago”. This time I’m going to spend a little less time talking about myself and a little more time talking about the game. Specifically, Albion in the time of Legends.

Albion is why I love Fable. As I said before, to be able to contribute to one of my favourite game universes is a real privilege. It’s also a lot of responsibility. We owe it to all you Fable fans to build a world worthy of the name.

Foliage Beech Canopy Screen05 (1)

We get a lot of fan feedback about the direction Albion has taken over the course of its development, and one of the things we hear a lot is people’s preference for magic over the more industrial direction of Fable 3. This is a view shared by many here at Lionhead, and you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve taken this on board for Fable Legends.

One of our main objectives was to get back to Fable’s dark fairytale roots. We want to take you back to a time when Albion was young and full of magic, to a world that’s dangerous, wild and ripe for adventure. The game will see you explore a time centuries before Fable 1, though after the world has recovered from the collapse of the Old Kingdom.  You’ll see a lot less technology, and far more raw magic, than other Fables.

In many ways, this is Albion at its most pastoral and primitive. The land is a patchwork of small villages and towns, islands in a sea of hostile forest. It’s too risky for your average bumpkin to travel, so communications are limited and people are suspicious of outsiders. Each place has its own distinct customs and ways of relating to the magic that surrounds them. Even villages just the other side of the hills have enough funny accents, odd clothes and bizarre turnip-rituals to make strangers really seem strange.

AllheroesWhile magic is more common, it’s also uncontrolled. Strange and dangerous creatures lurk everywhere outside the safety of the campfires and village walls. As a result, most people are content to travel only by listening to old stories, tales of a world far too scary to wander into. The most danger they tend to risk is scuttling down the bottom of the garden to clean out the chickens, and even that’s asking for trouble (some of the little clucky buggers have pretty sharp beaks). But not everyone hides by the fireside. Albion has always been able to find the special few willing to answer the call. Wanderers, adventurers, masters of Will. Old eccentrics and young upstarts. Heroes!

If you’d like to know more about both Albion and its Heroes, or more about how we go about building them, then stay tuned! Over the next month or so, you’ll see more blogs from myself and some of the other developers, revealing more about the game and what goes into making it.

Feel free to ask on the forums if there are specific things you’d like a blog about!