Posted on Friday August 31, 2012

PART I – CHOCOLATES IN THE MUD Albion’s leading newspaper presents the first part in a new series delving into the most enduring mystery of all: Theresa! Is this mythical soothsayer real? What has she been up to all these years? And how come she just won’t die? Investigative reporter Penelope Chumley finds out. It [...]

Fable: The Journey GONE GOLD!

Posted on Thursday August 30, 2012

Gary Carr, our Creative Director, just sent an email around the company with the following: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Fable: The Journey has just officially gone GOLD.” This means the game is now completely done and ready to be printed on discs! Please join me in [...]

Fable: The Journey - Achievement list

Posted on Friday August 24, 2012

Here’s a full run down of all 50 achievements you can obtain in Fable: The Journey, released 9th October (US), 12th October (Europe). May contain some spoilers Pest Control -Kill ten stingers in five seconds. 10G Hobbe Juggler – Fling a hobbe into the air twice without letting it touch the ground. 10G Boom-erang – [...]

Press Release: Fable's Official Prequel Novel - Out Now

Posted on Friday August 24, 2012

FABLE® Edge of the World By Christie Golden Set with in the world of Microsoft’s bestselling Xbox 360 videogame series Fable®, comes the official prequel novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, Christie Golden. Fable: At the Edge of the World, will bridge the years that have passed since the Monarch assumed the [...]

Fable: The Journey Xbox LIVE Demo

Posted on Monday August 20, 2012

We are so excited to announce that for the first time ever Lionhead Studios are releasing a demo of a Fable game before its release date! Monday, September 17th 2012 will see the worldwide launch of the “Fable: The Journey” demo on Xbox LIVE. Make sure you get it, play it and let us know what [...]

Fable: The Journey - Story Documentary

Posted on Friday August 17, 2012

Take in the beautiful scenery of Albion as the Journey team explain how Theresa and the Spire are back in the story of Fable: The Journey


Posted on Friday August 10, 2012

MONSTER FEATURE! FIENDS OF ALBION. THIS WEEK: BALVERINES. Albion’s leading newspaper is proud to present the fourth, and last, in a series of interviews with noted historian and monster expert Atticus Croddle. Investigative reporter Penelope Chumley speaks with the eccentric creaturologist. I arrive for my last interview with the fascinating and enigmatic Mr Croddle on [...]
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