Lionhead take on Buckmore Park

Posted on Friday May 24, 2013

Take a cross-sectional slice through the demographic that is Lionhead Studios and in amongst the RPG, RTS and FPS fans you will find a group of individuals who are quite partial to a good old racer. Unlike the aforementioned RPG, RTS and FPS fans, who’s pursuits are almost entirely of the virtual kind, what the [...]

Lionhead Quiz Night!

Posted on Thursday May 16, 2013

Last night we put our brains to the test in an event sure to filter out the bright sparks from the dim in the Lionhead pub quiz! With our teams formed and names established we trooped with our heads held high and dignity still intact in expectation of being crowned the smartest of the smart.

Well that’s another film we can ‘Chekov’ our list

Posted on Tuesday May 14, 2013

At Lionhead we like to embrace our inner (and outer) geek so what better way to do this than a trip to the cinema to see JJ Abrams’s latest masterpiece – Star Trek: Into Darkness. As we piled onto the coach, the discussions immediately began about what choice of popcorn to buy and what the [...]

Develop Awards 2013

Posted on Thursday May 9, 2013

The nominees have been announced and we’re absolutely thrilled to hear that Lionhead Studios have been nominated for the Audio Accomplishment award for Fable: The Journey. In order to achieve the most engaging and dramatic sound, Lionhead collaborated a truly world class group of audio professionals comprising of a 35+ team from both sides [...] -

Fable Heroes’ Birthday!

Posted on Thursday May 2, 2013

On May 2nd 2012, we released our beloved little videogame, Fable Heroes, as part of the “Arcade Next” promotion for XBLA – (can you believe we were alongside Trials Evolution and Minecraft?!) Made by a small team in just a few months, Fable Heroes came out of out Lionhead’s very first Creative Day in 2011. [...]

Supermassive Games Night

Posted on Wednesday May 1, 2013

Aside from playing our own beloved games, we are all partial to the odd game of Halo and get our competitive streak on in FIFA. So to put our finger tapping and shooter skills to the test, we attended Supermassive Games, Games Night Challenge in Guildford. After much success the year before, Supermassive decided to [...]
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