Introducing Inga

Posted on Friday May 30, 2014

Armed with her strength and country wisdom, as well as an enormous magical shield, Inga is a fast learner and good friend. If you’re stupid enough point a weapon at her companions she will ensure that you never threaten anyone again.

Introducing: The Ogre

Posted on Friday May 23, 2014

Ogres are large, omnivorous creatures (omnivorous meaning constantly hungry and willing to eat anything). Short of leg, ogres are cumbersome in their movements relying on a long reach and powerful muscles to make up for subtlety in a fight.

Forum Digest 13/05/2014

Posted on Tuesday May 13, 2014

Each month we take some time to have a look at what the most popular topics of conversation have been right here on the Lionhead forums. Here's a look at what you guys have been talking about in April!
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